Unlock the Secrets of Mountain Bike Trail Grading with The Contour Collective’s Guide

From ‍Canal Paths to Double Black Diamonds – Exploring the Different Types of ⁤Trails

The⁤ evolution ⁤of trails​ has certainly moved on fast in⁤ the last ​few⁣ years. From the rise of bike parks and big jump lines to the world-leading trail centres in Wales, such ⁣as Bike Park Wales, Dyfi and Revs, there’s something for everyone. But how do you⁣ know which type of​ trail is right for you?⁤ The Contour Collective is here to break down the grading ‌systems and help you find the perfect ⁣trail for your‍ level.

Trails for ⁤All‍ Levels

Green trails – these are rideable by almost⁣ everyone who can ride a bike. Think canal path and fire road. The perfect way to get⁤ your tyres muddy and experience something different away from tarmac. A hardtail such⁢ as the Fathom or Talon are perfect⁣ for​ this type of trail.

Blue trails – ​surprisingly these can be some of the⁢ most fun trails. Flowing single‍ track, ⁤minimal⁣ obstacles and the ideal⁢ introduction to some gradient off road. Expect some pedalling on these but with many trail centres and builders putting in rollers, berms and small but safe features it can be fun even​ for a more⁤ advanced rider – don’t overlook ‍blues and think you’re too good a rider.‌ While a hardtail‍ is more than ​capable‌ on this grade of‌ trail many riders might prefer⁣ to step up ⁤to a trail bike such as the Stance⁢ or Trance once⁤ you move⁢ away from Greens.

Red Trails – ​take a blue trail, make it steeper, throw in a few roots, maybe​ a drop and some technical ⁢trail features‌ which you might want to check out before you ride and you’ve got a red. You shouldn’t find anything too steep and sustained‌ but your riding will really start to improve‍ with ‍more time on a red mountain bike ⁤trail. This is where ⁤your Trance X ‍and Reign’s ​really begin to look more appealing as a‍ choice of‌ bike.

Black trials – what‍ defines these is the ‍introduction of non rollable features and sustained steep sections. When you ⁢consider a cross country style loop you’ll need a high level⁤ of fitness as well ⁣and⁤ it’s ‌the addition of remoteness that may tip‍ a trail centre⁤ track into a black, rather than just ⁢the features. ⁢If we’re⁣ out for these longer ⁤trail rides ‍we tend to opt for ​the⁣ capable Trance or Trance X.

Let’s Get Some Air!

As‌ we’ve tried to define⁣ on The​ Contour Collective Travel Guide trail grading breakdown, orange trails encompass⁣ the jump ​lines ⁣we mentioned‍ earlier.⁤ More and more trails are focusing on jumps rather than single track and no jump line ​is created​ equal.

Orange Blue – now this ⁢takes your ‌base blue trail and throws some ⁤table tops, small drops, rollers and berms into the mix. Again ‍we love‌ these trails – relatively relaxed in the sense that ⁣you know you won’t find yourself between two doubles but enough ‍to⁣ allow you to get‌ creative and improve your​ jumping.

Orange Red – now we’re getting bigger. Larger table ​tops, drops​ with a defined take off and landing and ‌doubles which you may not want to‍ case. All ⁣in this​ is where the more intermediate to advanced rider will ⁢be more comfortable.

Orange -​ Black Diamond ⁤- Expert and Advanced riders ⁣with ⁢large doubles, step‌ downs and​ drops. These trails take a few runs to get through even for more experienced riders. You’ll want a capable bike with longer travel for ⁣these tracks such ⁣as the Trance X ‌or Reign.

Orange – Double Black Diamond – There’s⁢ only ⁣a few ‌of these trails in the UK and ‌most⁣ are in England and Wales. Places like‌ Revolution Bike Park, Windhill and Dyfi Bike Park offer insanely large jumps, big drops and jaw-dropping scenes.

We’ve certainly seen more growth in Orange trails in recent years but trail riding is still ⁢alive. Whatever takes ​your fancy then Giant has the bike for the job with its extensive range from hardtails to big hitting enduro bikes.

Now‌ it’s time⁣ to get out there ‍and ride!

This was written ​by The Contour Collective who have over 50 years of‌ riding and racing experience between ⁢them, raced around the world in some of the harshest conditions (hot and cold) and have had to endure ⁣decades of Scottish ‌riding conditions. You can keep up with us at the races by following us on Instagram or subscribing‌ to ⁣our YouTube⁢ channel and if you ⁤see us, don’t‌ be shy, ⁢say hi.

Mountain biking ​is becoming an increasingly popular outdoor activity, with more‌ and more ​people taking up the‌ challenge of conquering the great ‌outdoors on‍ two wheels. However,‍ as trails ‍become more varied, cyclists can​ be left unsure of the skills and experience needed in order to tackle the terrain. The Contour Collective is ⁢taking the guesswork out of the equation, offering beginners and ‍experienced riders alike a comprehensive⁤ guide to ⁤mountain bike trail grading.

The grades used to ⁣rate trails are essential‍ for mountain bike riders ​to understand. The Contour Collective has taken the ⁤classified system and broken it down into an easy to​ understand guide. In addition to each grade of trail, the collective has also provided detailed descriptions of the terrain‌ conditions, obstacles and other factors to consider.

Contents within the ​guide⁣ include detailed information on the ‌physical exertion required for each grade,‍ as well as⁣ how to⁢ spot terrain difficulties and when ⁢to take ‌a break. Newcomers are encouraged to start with easier trails, and different styles and experiences of‍ riding are also explored in the guide.

The Contour Collective has‌ also provided an accompanying video which ⁢visually⁢ showcases ⁢the ‌graded trails. ‍This visual‍ guide will help riders to⁤ better⁣ understand ⁣the grade ⁤level of a ‌trail before‍ actually attempting it.

The mountain ⁢bike trail rating guide ⁤is invaluable in ‌helping cyclists of all abilities feel ‍more comfortable with ⁣the trails they choose to ride. Knowing the ⁤rating of ‍the trail before ‌they start gives riders peace of⁤ mind that they will be able⁣ to complete it.

Mountain biking⁢ is a thrilling⁢ and rewarding activity, and The​ Contour ‍Collective’s guide to mountain bike trail grading can⁤ help riders‌ unlock some of the secrets of the trails. With an ⁤understanding of‍ the different grades of ‌trail, cyclists⁤ can make ‍more informed⁣ decisions –‌ and be prepared for whatever the great outdoors‍ has to offer.

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