Giant Revolt E+ 5 vs. Giant AnyRoad E+ 4: A Comprehensive Comparison

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What are the price points⁣ for⁣ the Giant Revolt E+ 5 and the Giant AnyRoad E+‍ 4, and is one a better value than the other?


When it comes​ to electric bikes,⁣ Giant is a brand that stands out for its quality and innovation. In this article, we will compare two of Giant’s popular‍ electric gravel bikes: the Revolt E+ 5 and the AnyRoad⁢ E+ 4.

Frame and Construction

Both the​ Revolt ‍E+​ 5‍ and the AnyRoad E+⁤ 4 feature lightweight aluminum frames that‍ are designed ​for stability and durability on rough terrain. However, the Revolt E+ 5 has a slightly more aggressive geometry, making ‌it ‍better suited for off-road adventures.

Components and Groupset

When it comes to ​components, the Revolt E+ 5 comes equipped with a Shimano Deore ​1×10-speed ‌drivetrain, while the ‍AnyRoad E+ 4 features a Shimano Altus 2×9-speed⁢ groupset.​ The Revolt E+ 5 also has⁣ larger tires for better traction and control.

Ride Quality

Both bikes offer a smooth and‌ comfortable ride thanks to ‍their front suspension forks and wide tires. However, the Revolt ⁣E+ 5 provides a more responsive and agile feel, making it ideal for tackling challenging terrain.

Performance Comparison

When it comes⁢ to performance, the Revolt E+ 5 outshines‌ the AnyRoad E+ 4 in terms of speed and power. With its ⁤higher torque motor​ and more efficient ⁢drivetrain, the Revolt E+ 5 offers a more ‍exhilarating ride.

Versatility and​ Intended Use

The Revolt E+ 5‍ is perfect‍ for riders who⁢ want to‌ explore off-road trails and tackle steep climbs, while the AnyRoad E+ 4 is better suited for ⁤commuters and casual riders⁢ who ⁤prioritize ⁤comfort⁤ and ease of use.

Price and Value

While ‍the Revolt E+ 5 comes with a higher ​price tag⁣ than the AnyRoad E+ 4,⁤ its superior performance and ‍versatility make it worth the ‌investment for serious riders who‌ demand the best.

Pros and Cons


  • Revolt E+ 5 offers ‍superior performance
  • AnyRoad E+ 4 is more affordable


  • Revolt ⁢E+ 5 is more expensive
  • AnyRoad E+ 4 has a⁢ slightly lower​ spec ‌groupset

User Reviews and Testimonials

Both ​the Revolt E+ 5 and the AnyRoad E+ 4 ⁣have received positive reviews from riders who praise their build quality, performance, and comfort. Users appreciate the range ⁣and​ power of the ⁤motors on both bikes.


In conclusion, the Giant Revolt‌ E+⁤ 5 and the Giant ‌AnyRoad E+ ‍4 are both excellent‍ electric‍ gravel bikes that cater to different types of riders. The Revolt E+ 5 is a top choice​ for off-road enthusiasts who want the best performance, while the AnyRoad E+ 4 is a solid option for commuters ‍and casual riders.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your choice between the Giant Revolt E+ 5 and ‍the‍ Giant AnyRoad E+ 4⁢ will depend on your riding style and preferences. Both bikes offer quality construction, reliable performance, ⁤and impressive versatility, ‌making​ them worth considering ⁣for your next electric bike purchase.

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