Giant Reign Advanced Pro 29 1 vs. Giant Trance X E+ Pro 29 6: A Detailed Comparison

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How do the⁣ frame materials and geometries ⁣of the two bikes compare in terms of ‍performance and comfort?

Giant Reign Advanced ⁢Pro 29 1 vs. Giant Trance X E+ Pro 29 6:‌ A Detailed Comparison


In this article, we‌ will compare two popular mountain bikes from⁤ Giant: the ⁣Reign Advanced Pro 29 1⁣ and the Trance X E+ Pro 29 6. Both bikes ⁢are designed for off-road ⁣adventures and offer high-performance features. Let’s take a closer look at ‌their ⁢differences and similarities.

Frame ​and Construction

Both the Reign Advanced Pro‍ 29 1 and‍ the ‌Trance X‍ E+ Pro 29 6 feature high-quality carbon frames that are lightweight and durable. The⁢ Reign has a longer‌ travel suspension system,⁢ making it ideal for ⁤rough terrains, while the Trance X⁢ E+ is equipped with a motor-assist system for added power ‌on climbs.

Components and Groupset

The ‌Reign Advanced Pro ⁢29⁤ 1‌ comes with a⁤ top-of-the-line ​SRAM Eagle XX1 drivetrain and RockShox suspension components, offering precise‌ shifting and smooth suspension performance. ⁢On the other hand, the Trance X E+ Pro 29 6 features a Shimano Deore⁢ groupset and Fox suspension, providing reliable performance at a more ⁢affordable price​ point.

Ride Quality

Both bikes offer ⁢excellent ride quality, with the Reign providing a more aggressive and lively ‍feel on descents, thanks to its longer wheelbase and slack geometry. The Trance X E+ offers a smooth and comfortable ride, ⁤with the added benefit of motor-assist for climbs.

Performance Comparison

  • The Reign Advanced Pro 29 1 excels in downhill performance and technical terrain.
  • The Trance X E+ Pro 29 6 offers⁣ superior climbing abilities and assistance on ⁣uphill sections.

Versatility and Intended ​Use

The Reign Advanced Pro 29 ⁣1 is perfect ⁢for enduro racing and aggressive trail ‌riding, while ​the Trance⁣ X E+ Pro 29 6 is ideal for⁤ all-day adventures and ⁣long climbs. Both⁢ bikes are versatile and can handle‌ a variety of terrain types.

Price and Value

The Reign ​Advanced Pro 29 1 is priced higher due to its premium components and advanced technology, while the ‍Trance X E+ Pro 29 6 offers great value for money with its competitive pricing and solid⁣ performance.

Pros and ‌Cons

Reign Advanced ⁣Pro 29 1

  • Pros: High-end components, excellent downhill performance.
  • Cons: Higher price point, less versatility⁢ for climbing.

Trance X E+ Pro 29 6

  • Pros: Motor-assist system, affordable price.
  • Cons:⁢ Lower-end groupset, less aggressive on descents.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Many users praise the​ Reign Advanced Pro 29 1 ⁤for its‍ exceptional performance on technical descents and​ rugged terrain. The Trance ‍X E+ Pro 29 ⁢6 receives positive feedback for its climbing ability‍ and motor-assist feature.


In conclusion, both the‌ Giant⁤ Reign Advanced Pro 29⁢ 1 and Trance X ‌E+ Pro 29 6 are excellent mountain bikes that cater to different⁣ riding preferences. The Reign is⁣ perfect for ⁢aggressive riders ​looking for top-tier performance, while ⁢the Trance X E+ offers great value and assistance on⁢ climbs.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, the‌ choice between the Reign Advanced Pro 29 1 and Trance X E+ Pro 29⁣ 6 comes down to personal riding style and priorities. Consider ​your preferred ⁤terrain, riding goals, and budget when selecting the best bike for your needs.

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