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If you’re looking‌ to get into road cycling, you​ may have noticed ‍that there are a lot of​ different types of road bikes ⁤to choose ‌from. From the sleek and speedy aero road bikes to the more relaxed endurance ‍models,‍ it can be hard to​ know where to⁢ start. To help you out, we’ve put together a guide ‍to help​ you find‍ the perfect road bike for ⁣you.

Before you⁣ start your search, it’s important to establish ⁣a budget. Road bikes can vary‌ hugely in price, with certain high-end models topping out well into the five figures. Establishing a‌ budget early in ⁤the process makes it easier to stick ‍to and ⁣discounts models out of your price range​ before getting too tempted.

Remember, you’ll need some room for essential gear⁣ and accessories,‍ like a helmet and pedals, if ‌you haven’t already got them.

Once you’ve got your budget ⁤ready, then ⁤the next step is finding what size you need. It ​doesn’t​ matter ⁤how much ⁣the bike costs or​ how ‌flashy it is – if it doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be enjoyable to ride. Too big,​ and the bike will be hard to handle, and you’ll be​ stretching to reach the handlebars, making it uncomfortable on ⁣your back and ⁣shoulders. Too‌ small, and you could end​ up banging your knees on the handlebars as you pedal. Either​ way, it’s ⁤vital to get the size⁢ right.

For a general guide, take your height and inside leg measurement and‍ apply it to⁢ the sizing ⁢guide on our website – each bike has ⁢a ‘what is my size?’ link on the product page. Here’s an example below;

We ⁤always advise brand new riders ⁢to go⁢ and try the​ bike before committing to any‍ purchase. The only way to ‍get ⁤a⁢ feel for ‌a bike is to ⁣ride it, so contact your local ‌Giant retailer, ​and they will be happy to⁣ assist you on your journey into road cycling.

As cycling has developed over the ‌years, more and more ​specialisation⁢ has occurred in bike design to perform specific tasks better.​ You may have seen various terms used, such as aero road, endurance, sportive, etc.⁤ They refer to⁣ the⁣ particular area of cycling‍ they excel at, and it’s useful to know what part of‍ road cycling​ your bike specialises‍ at before you‌ buy it.

At Giant, we have four distinct road​ models ⁤to choose ‌from; Defy (endurance), TCR (all-rounder), Propel (aero) and Contend (sportive). These categories ‌aren’t exclusive – many riders race on a Defy or ⁣smash a 100-mile ride on a⁤ Propel, so don’t feel that you have to be pigeonholed into a particular model if it doesn’t feel right.⁣ Our bodies are all different, so some riders might ‍feel‍ more ​comfortable ⁢on ⁢a particular bike than another; it’s just about finding your ‌personal ⁤preference.

Disc brakes have only just started to catch on in the⁢ road bike world. Now, ‍we offer most of our road bikes in either rim‌ brake or disc brake models so that ​you ‍can choose depending⁤ on your ‍preference. What’s the difference? Well, disc brakes offer better and more consistent⁣ braking, especially in wet​ weather. However, they ‌come with⁤ an added weight penalty and are usually a touch more​ expensive for the same spec ‌rim brake model.

The big choice here is aluminium or carbon fibre ⁢– we⁣ won’t go into the finer details of each material, as there’s plenty of ⁢reading that can be done on the⁣ subject. Carbon is lighter, offers more‌ compliance (soaks up more road vibration which provides a smoother ride) and is still a really strong material. However, it⁤ comes at a cost – aluminium​ is usually the cheaper material out of the two and commonly features on road bikes below £1000.

The main bulk of components on a bike make up what ⁣is known as the groupset, defined⁣ by Cycling Weekly as “any⁤ mechanical or electronic⁢ parts that are involved in braking, changing gear, or the running of the ⁣drivetrain“. There⁤ are three big brands of ‌components⁢ to choose ‌from – Shimano, Sram or Campagnolo. At Giant, we mainly use Shimano⁤ on our road bikes, but⁤ Sram does feature on specific models.

Choosing a high tooth rear cassette and a low tooth front crankset is the best choice for climbing, whereas the opposite is true​ for mainly⁢ flat riding.​ The majority of bikes now ⁢come with a​ semi-compact ⁤and 11×28 cassette as standard, which ⁢gives an excellently balanced range of gears, capable of climbing ‍and going fast at the same ​time. Unless ⁣you‌ are frequently ascending in the ​Alps, you won’t ‍need to worry about gear ranges.

Hopefully, all this information‍ has helped, and ‌you’re ⁣closer to selecting your​ perfect road bike. Once you’ve decided,‍ the best step is to visit your local Giant retailer -​ they can ⁤answer any further questions and offer advice from their experience​ as a local independent⁤ bike shop.

If you’re ready to ⁢take the plunge, we offer 0% finance on ​all bikes starting⁢ from £1000 when purchasing online, so you can spread ⁢the ⁤cost⁤ of your new⁢ bike into affordable monthly payments. There’s free ⁤home delivery on selected models, and all Giant ​bikes include ​a  Whether you are ⁣a beginner cyclist or someone ‍who⁣ is​ looking to upgrade their current bike, ​finding the right road bike for your first cycling‌ adventure is essential. The‍ perfect bike can bring a sense of joy and freedom, as ‌well as make cycling comfortable and safe. Giant Bicycles UK provides road bikes for cyclists of all levels. With a selection ⁢of bikes that are suitable for both beginners and professionals, Giant Bicycles UK will help you find the perfect road ​bike for your first cycling ‍adventure.

When choosing⁢ a bike, there ‌are⁢ several factors to consider, including frame size, wheel size, handlebar type, ⁤and bike‌ geometry. The frame size must be chosen based on the height of the rider, and the ⁤wheel size should be chosen based‌ on the terrain that you plan ‌to ride. Handlebar type ⁢and bike‍ geometry affect the comfort and maneuverability ⁤of your ride. With the help of the experts ‍at Giant ​Bicycles‍ UK, you can ensure that you choose the right bike for you.

Once you have determined the right frame size and wheel size, it is time to explore the ​options. Giant Bicycles​ UK offers the Propel Advanced range, which is designed to ⁢meet the most demanding requirements of cyclists. Each bike in the Propel Advanced range is⁢ designed with comfort and performance in mind. If you are looking for lightweight performance, the Defy range has been developed with the latest aerodynamic technologies to provide an ultra-smooth ride.

Regardless of your skill level, there​ is a⁣ Giant road bike that is perfect ⁤for your first⁣ cycling adventure. ⁣With its ‍wide selection of road bikes, Giant Bicycles UK ⁤makes it easy to find the right ⁤bike⁤ to suit your needs. From frames to gear, you will find everything you need to hit the road with confidence. ⁣So, don’t wait any longer, head to⁤ your nearest Giant Bicycles UK‍ store to find the perfect road bike for ⁣your first cycling adventure.

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