Maxxis Rekon Race 29×2.4WT (EXO/TR) Tire


The Rekon Race is a semi-slick World Cup-winning cross-country race cycle tyre for riders who want to find out what they’re really capable of.


  • EXO Protection available
  • Tubeless Ready (TR)
  • Race version of the Rekon with smaller and shorter knobs
  • Can be used as a rear tyre paired with a more aggressive front tread
  • Can also be used as a front and rear tyre for short track racing


Maxxis Rekon Race 29×2.4WT (EXO/TR) Tire – your ultimate companion for conquering rugged terrain with speed and agility. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, this tire is designed to elevate your mountain biking experience to new heights.

With a width of 2.4WT, the Rekon Race strikes the perfect balance between traction and speed, providing ample stability on challenging trails while maintaining lightning-fast performance. The EXO sidewall protection ensures durability and resilience against abrasions and punctures, giving you the confidence to tackle any terrain with ease.

Equipped with Tubeless Ready (TR) technology, installation is seamless, offering enhanced puncture resistance and a smoother ride by allowing you to run lower tire pressures without the fear of pinch flats. Whether you’re navigating technical descents or powering through demanding climbs, the Rekon Race delivers unmatched traction and control, thanks to its aggressive tread pattern and strategically placed knobs.

Get ready to push your limits and unlock your full potential on the trails with the Maxxis Rekon Race 29×2.4WT (EXO/TR) Tire. Elevate your riding experience and conquer any challenge that comes your way


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