Maxxis Ardent 29×2.25 (EXO/TR) Tire


The Maxxis Ardent tire is noted for its traction, braking and excellent grip. The center tread is designed to increase braking and traction under acceleration, and also features ramped lugs to minimize rolling resistance. The larger side lugs form blocks that make it have multiple contact edges for full-depth cornering. This do-it-all trail tyre is designed to offer the cyclist grip on most terrain types and in both wet and dry conditions.


  • Size: 29X2.25
  • ETRTO: 56-622
  • Carcass: 60 tpi
  • Rubber compound: Single
  • Rim: Folding tyre
  • Weight: 846 gr.


Maxxis Ardent 29×2.25 (EXO/TR) Tire – your go-to choice for versatile performance and reliability on the trails. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and innovative technology, this tire is engineered to elevate your riding experience to new heights.

Designed with a 29×2.25 size, the Ardent strikes the perfect balance between agility and stability, allowing you to confidently tackle a wide range of terrain types. Whether you’re shredding flowy singletracks or navigating technical descents, this tire delivers consistent traction and control in every situation.

The EXO sidewall protection ensures exceptional durability and resistance against abrasions and punctures, providing you with the peace of mind to push your limits with confidence. Additionally, the Tubeless Ready (TR) design enhances performance by reducing the risk of flats and allowing you to run lower tire pressures for improved grip and a smoother ride.

Featuring a versatile tread pattern, the Ardent excels in a variety of conditions, from loose gravel to hardpacked dirt. The aggressive shoulder knobs provide enhanced cornering grip, while the ramped center knobs ensure fast-rolling efficiency, making this tire ideal for riders who demand speed without compromising traction.

Whether you’re exploring new trails or pushing your limits on familiar routes, the Maxxis Ardent 29×2.25 (EXO/TR) Tire is your reliable companion for unforgettable mountain biking adventures. Elevate your ride and conquer any terrain with confidence with this high-performance tire.


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