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This aero road bike minimizes drag so you can accelerate and sprint faster. Engineered with AeroSystem Shaping technology and Advanced-grade composite material, it delivers proven aero performance and is one of the lightest frames in its category. The Propel Advanced Disc also comes with an integrated WheelSystem, flat-mount disc-brake calipers, and thru-axles for added wheel stiffness and streamlined performance. The lightweight, easily adjustable Vector composite seatpost further minimizes drag. It all adds up to a race-ready machine that leaves the competition behind.

Step into the realm of ultimate speed and aerodynamic prowess with the Propel Advanced 2 Disc – a marvel of engineering in the world of road cycling. Crafted to slice through the wind and propel riders to new speeds, this bike embodies the perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and unwavering performance, offering cyclists an unparalleled experience of precision and speed on the road.

At the core of the Propel Advanced 2 Disc lies its Advanced-Grade Composite frame, meticulously designed to strike a perfect balance between aerodynamics, stiffness, and lightweight construction. This frame serves as the backbone for unparalleled power transfer and aerodynamic efficiency, providing riders with an edge in their pursuit of speed.

Equipped with an innovative AeroSystem Shaping technology, the Propel Advanced 2 Disc boasts optimized tube shapes that minimize drag and maximize speed, ensuring riders can cut through the air with minimal resistance. Every detail of the bike’s design is meticulously crafted to enhance aerodynamic performance, making it a formidable force against the wind.

Featuring a precise and reliable Shimano 105 groupset, the bike offers a smooth and efficient 22-speed drivetrain. Riders can effortlessly accelerate and maintain high speeds, maximizing power output while conquering the most demanding stretches of road with confidence and control.

The tubeless wheel system enhances both speed and control while reducing the risk of flats. Coupled with the reliability of hydraulic disc brakes, the Propel Advanced 2 Disc ensures consistent and powerful braking performance, allowing riders to maintain control even at high speeds and in varying weather conditions.

Beyond its technical prowess, the Propel Advanced 2 Disc boasts a sleek and aggressive design. Every curve and line of the bike is purposefully crafted to optimize aerodynamics, not just for performance but also for a striking visual presence on the road.

More than just a road bike, the Propel Advanced 2 Disc invites riders to embrace the thrill of speed. It’s engineered to excel in sprints and breakaways, urging cyclists to push their limits and reach new velocities. Whether sprinting towards the finish line or chasing personal bests, this bike stands as a testament to speed and aerodynamic excellence.

For the dedicated cyclist seeking the perfect blend of speed, agility, and performance, the Propel Advanced 2 Disc is a symbol of unwavering commitment and road mastery. It’s not just a bike; it’s a catalyst for thrilling rides and unmatched cycling experiences.

Unleash your speed, conquer the road, and redefine your cycling journey with the Propel Advanced 2 Disc – your ultimate partner for aerodynamic precision and unparalleled velocity on every stretch of the road.

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