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The Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 2 is a cutting-edge 29er that’s engineered to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. With a full composite frameset that includes the front triangle and rear swingarm, this mountain bike is designed to tackle a wide range of terrains and challenges. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into the key features and innovations that set this bike apart.

At the heart of the Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 2 is a Maestro rear suspension system, providing 90mm of smooth rear suspension travel, complemented by 100mm of travel up front. This combination of front and rear suspension allows for a balanced and comfortable ride, making it an excellent choice for cross-country (XC) and light trail riding.

One of the standout features of the Maestro system is its trunnion-mount shock, which plays a pivotal role in enhancing the bike’s pedaling efficiency and braking performance. The trunnion-mount shock design produces a lower leverage ratio, ensuring that the suspension responds more efficiently to pedaling inputs and provides excellent traction during braking. As a result, riders can confidently tackle steep climbs and descents while maintaining control and speed.

Innovative engineering doesn’t stop there. The Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 2 boasts a redesigned linkage that accommodates shorter chainstays. This change contributes to improved climbing capabilities and overall agility, making it easier to navigate tight corners and technical sections of the trail. Whether you’re ascending a steep incline or maneuvering through a rocky descent, this bike is responsive and adaptable, ensuring you stay in control of your ride.

The Advanced Forged Composite upper rocker arm is another noteworthy component of the Anthem Advanced Pro 2. This rocker’s arm is a standout feature because it’s not only lighter than its aluminum counterpart but also stiffer and stronger. The use of composite materials enhances the bike’s overall performance and durability. The stiffness of the upper rocker arm ensures that power transfer from your pedaling is maximized, allowing you to accelerate and climb with efficiency.

The Anthem Advanced Pro 2 doesn’t just excel in its suspension and frame design; it also incorporates key updates to boost its performance further. Wider Boost hub spacing is a critical advancement in the world of mountain biking, and this bike takes full advantage of it. The wider hub spacing enhances the overall stiffness of the wheelset, translating to more precise handling and control on XC terrain.

Additionally, the Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 2 comes with an integrated Giant WheelSystem. This WheelSystem is engineered to provide super strong and stiff wheels, enhancing your confidence and precision on the trail. The combination of the composite frame, improved suspension, shorter chainstays, and advanced wheelset creates a mountain bike that’s capable of conquering challenging XC trails with ease.

In conclusion, the Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 2 is a testament to Giant’s commitment to innovation and performance. With a full composite frameset, advanced suspension system, and key updates like Boost hub spacing and an integrated WheelSystem, this 29er is a formidable choice for riders seeking a high-performance XC and light trail bike. Whether you’re a seasoned rider looking to push your limits or a newcomer to the world of mountain biking, the Anthem Advanced Pro 2 is designed to deliver an exhilarating and confident riding experience.


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